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Locally driven protocols and local traditions in Science

Global Perspectives on Citizen Social S...

“The first way of openness is to depart from the perspective of the people we work with and not to perceive our perspectives as expert knowledge. We need to understand, learn, and depart from local perspectives and practices, adopting together the protocol loc...

The Ownership of Science

Global Perspectives on Citizen Social S...

“We should acknowledge the constant interaction of science and ‘living hood’. We are taking care of others, enacting rituals, and making remedies. Is Citizen Social Science about bringing science back to its original ‘owners’? Do we have to admit that science ...

Decolonizing our educational/institutional influences

Global Perspectives on Citizen Social S...

“Talking from an African scientist context, our role as social scientists has to be being the ‘pacemaker’ to establish good connections between our mythology and the western knowledge learned in school and academia. The biggest challenge for African scientists...

Practices to overcome false representation in participatory processes

Global Perspectives on Citizen Social S...

“It is important to differentiate levels of participation and acknowledge that participation in international collaboration is often characterised by false representation since it is like a black box if people on the ground do not have access to the real knowl...

Examples of and learnings from ethical standard setting in OCSS communities

Global Perspectives on Citizen Social S...

We need more advocacy for the ethics in Open Science (and we will need it for Citizen Social Science, too) to foster better documentation of open science processes. We need to create protocols to account for the voices of all those communities rooted in oral t...


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