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How to write your proposal

NSB's regulations

  • Use the Template (miro | docs | budget)
  • Please, be aware you are doing a particular budget
  • Focus on the impact
  • Consider Gender Issues - Read an Example of an excellent gender-focused project: 

Your project was approved: Implementation of the project

Please, read it carefully and let us know if you have any questions. 

We are also happy to communicate any questions directly to the Funder. If we need to know the answer to or are unclear on the Funder's website, we can also directly communicate any changes that might happen in the project to the funder. So please inform me of such changes as soon as possible.
Here is a list of the templates provided by the Funder for your reference; these documents are not a must to use. However, if you use your own forms and templates, please ensure that you abide by the 'must be included info' you will find in the info document above.


Last, as you near the end of your projects, we should have another session on Reporting. But until then, please take a look at the information provided by the Funder here:

The reporting will include everything you promised to do in the proposal from activities to the impact you reached.  
You can find the main points on the template below.


Can we send the contract for speakers or services in English?
Yes, you can.

Should we get comparative prices for food?
No, you do not need to bring comparative offers for direct purchases up to 1000 euros. However, you need to consider profitability and good economic value.
Providing receipts 
For personal expenses of a similar nature (e.g. various writing and moderation materials for multiple workshops: expense item "workshop materials") with a total value of less than EUR 50, lists can be drawn up by your organization after due verification to which no receipts need to be attached, provided the lists contain the usual information for business transactions (see above).

Can we use the exchange rate of the central bank on the day?
The exchange of project funds must always be made at official exchange offices. A template for a version of the exchange rate table for project expenditures in more than one foreign currency can be obtained from the funder